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Emissary Wheel

The Emissary Wheel is an ancient symbol associated with powerful spiritual energy - energy for healing, protecting, growing and learning.  It consists of a number of "spokes" joining 12 outer points and leading to a central circle.

The "spokes" of the Wheel represent our life-journeys - moving through and growing with our understandings. At first, our understandings seem to be from various, disjointed places - perhaps representative of our own searches for that elusive Spiritual Truth.  Later, as we walk the many paths, we see that they start to cross and converge - always leading us closer and closer to the center.  Finally, we arrive in that Center space where we realize that what we once thought of as different and disjointed was really only multiple aspects of one big whole - that the Spiritual Truth we were looking for was always right there within us, in our Centers.

The 12 points represent twelve attributes that Spiritual Peacemakers try to embody in their daily lives and radiate out to the world in general.  These 12 attributes are connected in groups of 3 forming 4 triangles.  Each of the triangles has a vertex in one of the 4 cardinal directions: North, South, East and West.  In many of the Earth's religions, there is special significance given to one or more of these directional compass points; it's no wonder then that the Emissary Wheel is such a powerful, unifying tool for the Spiritual Peacemaker!

The 12 Attributes

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A Variation of the Wheel

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The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are represented by a variation of the depiction of the Emissary Wheel.  The small triangle in the center is sometimes referred to as the "spade," the symbol of the Divine Masculine. By adding another of that same triangle and turning it upside down, we get the representation of the "chalice," or the symbol of the Divine Feminine.  (See image at right.)

Joining together, the Divine Male and the Divine Female represent the Unity of life.  This is the coming together of the two halves into the Divine Whole - the complete Spirit aspect inherent in us all.  Indeed, this is the Oneness that encompasses ALL there is - the totality of the Universe.

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