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Holding Together

Posted on February 8, 2011 at 7:29 AM

Not all of my daily meditations make it into my postings here, but this one screamed out to be shared so here it is.  Today's message comes from the Chinese I Ching, or Book of Changes.

In the I Ching, there are 64 Hexagrams made up of 6 Lines each. Each Hexagram provides some form of message for living and enjoying life.  Today's message comes from Hexagram 8 - Holding Together.

"Seek union with others and with the Sage."


"Holding Together" means creating union with others in order to complement and assist one another.  To have successful unions, 3 things must be present.  First, that we each hold fast to our own inner truth.  Second, that we resist acting out of emotional response.  Third, that others see the benefit of the union also. 

This is really a recipe for establishing community, but it starts with the individual.  Each of us must cultivate a relationship with our "inner truth" first, our own spirituality, ie., our own relationship with Spirit.  This is the first union that must be created successfully; then, after that, all others will have "good fortune." 


Part of that relationship with Spirit means recognizing within ourselves when we are not acting in accordance with that inner truth.  In short, when we allow our emotions to dictate our actions instead of guiding us to clarity, then we are not acting in a way that will support the relationships we seek.  Emotions are our responses to what happens in our environments.  They are here to guide us by letting us know that we are either emotionally clear and ready to decide on a course of action or we are not.  Only in clarity can we expect to take actions that will benefit not only ourselves but those with whom we seek union.


Humans are social creatures and so desire the sense and security of community.  A couple thousand years ago, people greeted strangers in Peace and Love and welcomed them into their homes as though they were extended family.  In some cultures of the world today, that practice still exists.  In order for successful unions to occur - in other words, to have successful relationships - we must give the ones we want to be in relationship with a sense of "family."  This, more than anything else, will help to break down any barriers between us.


In short, it seems that the wisdom of the I Ching  tells us that successful relationships have 3 components to them: first, a relationship with Spirit; second, a relationship with oneself; and third, a relationship with others.  Community, therefore, starts with each individual and "holds together" through the Love we share with Spirit and each other.  Have you hugged yourself today?  8~þ

"A genuine commitment to truth is the fundamental building block
of all relationships. Where this is not present there can be no union."

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