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Spirit - The Best Medicine


Healing Spirit Ministries is a faith-based organization dedicated to helping others heal the pains of the past, establish healthy routines for the present and look forward to a happy, healthy and whole future. 

We are honored to serve you in all your Spiritual needs and offer the following services:

Weddings/Unions, Life/Birth Dedications, Funerals, Home Blessings,
Prayers & Meditations , General Spiritual Guidance, and many more

We operate through your generous donations and ask that you give according to your own circumstances and as Spirit guides you to do so.  Your precious gift will help others to receive as well.  Please use the Donate button in the right-hand sidebar to send your gift. 

Our Mission

To promote healing in all it's forms (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) throughout the world, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, personal beliefs or anything else that can be construed as differences. 

Healing is not limited to the human race: our home, Mother Earth, is in desperate need of our healing touch. Please be kind to her for our sakes and the sakes of our future generations: recycle as much as you can; use environment-friendly products whenever possible; and keep our natural resources exactly as they are - natural

Our History - How It All Began

Led By Spirit

Healing Spirit Ministries really came out of an association I had with a very eclectic group of people who gathered at a neighbor's home roughly twice a month to hold "healing meditations."  We represented several different religious, ethnic and social backgrounds and although we were a diverse group, we all shared one thing in common: we were all healers of some sort - reiki masters, energy healers, shamans, etc. Later, as our lives became more and more complicated, we met more infrequently but still gathered in spirit and still sent our Healing/Love energy to each other and to the world - meaning the Earth, itself, and all its inhabitants.

I guess I was inspired to create the Ministry because of that experience.  I have always been (since my childhood) a healer and the name just seemed appropriate so early in 2004 the Healing Spirit Ministries was born.  Soon after, I received an invitation to attend a seminary program, which was strange in itself because I never considered myself to be the minister type - just a healing spirit like any other.  ...  Read More

Our Leader - Meet the Minister

A Painful Beginning

Hi there!  I'm Reverend Ric and from an early age, I discovered that pharmaceuticals did not effectively work on me.  I suffered from a type of migraine headache that consisted of a constant, dull ache that surrounded the vision center of my brain for 4 - 5 days at a time without letting up except for when I finally managed to fall asleep. No aspirin, child strength or adult strength, alleviated the pain that just took over after a day or so.  Although it was not the acute pain that plagues some people (I only had that kind ONCE and only for one day, thankfully!), nonetheless it grew to be unbearable in it's own way.  My mother, of course, took me to the doctor who performed every test he could think of to no avail.  There just simply wasn't an answer to why they occurred; what made them stop as suddenly as they started; or why they lasted for so long.  Not only that, the doctor was also stumped as to why I would not respond to the medications.  ... Read More

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