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This site is dedicated to the mission to which I was drawn several years ago.  If someone had said to me back then, "You're going to start a ministry and become a reverend," I would have laughed!  Oh wait, that DID  happen!!  8~þ
In early 2004, because of my association with other like-minded, loving people from several faith backgrounds, I felt the push to create the Healing Spirit Ministries and what later came to be known as the Healing Hands Fellowship.  I never thought about being a minister and, in fact, balked at the idea until ... I was at a meditation event at a friend's house when the person leading the meditation looked at me and said, "It's time you went back to your ministry." 
I remember that I did actually give out a little bit of a laugh because I had never been involved in a ministry - much less run one - until just a  couple of months or so prior to meeting this woman!  This woman who did not know me, or anything about me, delivered what I now consider a message from Spirit! 
Well, that was in the summer and by October something weird had occurred (as if this wasn't weird enough already, right?).  I received an email from a mailing list I had joined about 2-3 years earlier.  That wouldn't have been strange except that I hadn't gotten anything from that list in over a year!  The email was about attending their seminary program.  Ordinarily, I would have just deleted it, but something caught my attention - I don't recall what now, only that it made me read on and actually click the link to the website to get more info.
When I did, everything I read just resonated with me, and I decided that I wanted to attend.  Several months later, I found myself in another meditation being led by the same person.  She said during the meditation, "Ask for what you want, then GET OUT OF YOUR WAY!"  Well, that was all the push I needed!  I told Spirit right there and then, "Spirit, if you want me to attend this seminary, then you'll need to send me the funds because I just don't have them."
This meditation event occurred on a Friday night, and I had only until Tuesday to come up with the funds or miss the deadline for registering.  I had asked for what I wanted; now I just had to let go and let Spirit do its thing.  On Monday, I got a call from a friend who said she wanted to invest some money and would I meet her for lunch. 
During our conversation, I told her about the seminary program I wanted to attend; then, she told me that she wanted to invest in something important and that the most important thing she could think of was a person - me!  This blew me away!!  Here was my opportunity, I thought!  Before I could even ask for a fraction of what I needed, she told me how much she wanted to offer - it was the EXACT AMOUNT I HAD ASKED FOR!   Spirit had delivered, now it was my turn.  8~þ

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